Fitness tricks for busy people

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Health and fitness conversations are usually a struggle for people with busy work schedules. Indeed, we get so swamped with all the chaos of our daily life that we forget to pay attention to the signs that our body keeps communicating to us. But while making money is important, maintaining good health should be a top priority.

Six years ago, my buddy, Sola, lost his dad. The man didn’t die though, he isn’t dead yet. He wasn’t paying so much attention to his health, so his body had to force him to hibernate. He woke up to the paralysis of an entire side of his body. The day wasn’t supposed to go that way, it was supposed to be a great day.

It was a very important day for Sola, the day he would write the most important examination of his life – at the time though. He would write the exam well and come back home to chat and have drinks with his dad, who somehow created time for him that day after such a long time away from home. But man only proposes when he has done what Heaven cannot do.

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